The Team



My name is Tash and I’m the proud founder of GETT Fitness. I am a fully qualified & insured Personal Trainer & Matwork Pilates Instructor, with a strong background in Rehabilitation.

I have been in the health industry for over 14 years working extensively with many professionals such as physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, musculoskeletal physicians, podiatrists, surgeons, dieticians and psychologists. This extensive exposure (as well as my many experiences with rehabilitation to overcome many personal injuries) has given me a great knowledge base & understanding of the use of exercise not just for rehabilitation, but also as prevention. My aim is to help others, regardless of their fitness levels or previous experience, to gain a stronger, healthier body that helps them to have a happier and more enjoyable life!

I have always been very active and enjoyed many outdoor activities, in individual and team settings. These vary from horse-riding and hockey, through to netball, touch football & Pilates. More recently I have become more involved in activities such as trail running, mountain biking, hiking and adventure racing. My passion for the great outdoors has lead me to appreciate the great fitness gains that can be had from outdoor training, as well as the enjoyment of just getting out and about! With the beautiful spaces that we have at Lake Annand Park and surrounding areas, it is an amazing place to work on your outdoor fitness and to help clear your head while doing something great for your body – you’ll love it!

So why not start your FREE trial today…….No more excuses……. Its time to GET OUT, GET ACTIVE and as a result “GETT Fitness”!!



My name is Jake and I am one of your local GETT Fitness Trainers.

I’ve worked in health and fitness for over 20 years, training people in everything from Martial Arts and meditation to aerobics and weights training. I’m truly passionate about health and wellness and believe that a healthy mind and body help towards being a healthier and happier person!

While I believe personal health and fitness is a serious issue, I do not believe training should be a boring and unenjoyable task. My aim is to help people experience the fun that can be had exercising with like-minded people in the beautiful outdoors that we have available to us. Through my experience of personal training, I have seen how much more enjoyable people find group training as well as the camaraderie and friendships that it brings. I will make sure you are individually challenged and work to your limits, but also ensure that you leave looking forward to your next GETT Fitness session!

Over the years I have personally trained hundreds of people to help them achieve their weight loss goals, to improve their fitness to help them complete their first race or marathon, to gain more lean muscle or simply to help them get fit! Whatever your goals are, my goal is to help you achieve them, so get in touch today and start YOUR journey to a healthier and happier you!