Have you tried Pilates before but didn’t really ‘feel worked’ or ‘feel the benefits’? Did you know not all Pilates Methods are the same? Whilst the original concepts of Joseph Pilates are usually applied in some form, different methods have different focus points & applications. The method I teach was adapted by physiotherapists incorporating traditional Pilates exercises whilst using the latest research on core stability.

So why not come check out the best Pilates in Toowoomba with Tash at GETT Fitness. (If you want to know more about Tash’s Personal Pilates Journey CLICK HERE)

1:1 Pilates Assessment ($60 for 60min)    Buy-Now

During your private Matwork Pilates Assessment, I will complete a full body musculoskeletal assessment, identifying muscle imbalances/weaknesses, postural type, injury history & work/lifestyle factors which may be contributing to the above. We will then begin with the Pilates Basics, ensuring you have a strong foundation & understanding to build on. A private program can be customised with your goals, injuries and abilities in mind.  A 1:1 Pilates Assessment gives you greater understanding and awareness of your body and why some things may seem easy and other things may not. All you need to bring is your own towel.

Buy-Now1:1 Pilates Session ($45 for 45min)

Within your 1:1 Matwork Pilates Sessions, we will work towards your goals. We will apply, modify & progress your personal program, correcting muscle imbalances/weaknesses & modifying for any injuries. We focus on correct breathing techniques & spinal positions performing the exercises using precision & control, isolating specific stabilising muscles ensuring the correct muscles are performing the movement under my very watchful eyes. We may use a variety of equipment during sessions including fitballs, resistance bands & pilates rings, all of which we provide.

Pilates Classes Buy-Now(Max 15 People)

Pilates is about precision & control, isolating specific stabilising muscles ensuring the correct muscles are performing the movement. With a maximum of 15 people in my Pilates classes, you get the individual attention you require to ensure you are performing the exercises correctly. Every class is a full body workout with varying levels for each exercise making them suitable for all abilities & fitness levels. Our classes are held in various locations. See our timetable HERE.

“Pilates STARTER Pack”Buy-Now

This Pilates Pack is a great way to get to know and understand your own body. Pilates is a low impact form of exercise with a strong emphasis on core stability. The exercises are performed using precision & control, isolating specific stabilising muscles ensuring the correct muscles are performing the movement.
We begin with a 60min Pilates Assessment. Which is an overall body assessment, identifying your postural type and any muscle imbalances or weakness & we also start with the basics of Pilates. You’re next session will be a 1:1 Pilates Session, where we develop & start implementing a personalised plan, keeping in mind what goals you wish to achieve from Pilates and also the findings from the Initial Assessment.
Then you get to join in on 5 Pilates Classes which are part of our regular timetable. All levels of abilities are catered for in the classes as there are various levels for each exercise performed.

Small Group Private Sessions

Do you have a group of friends that would prefer your own private Pilates Sessions, either at our Studio in Centenary Heights or in your own home? Classes can be from 2-6 people & programmed for all levels from beginners to advanced classes. Give Tash a call on 0451438801 & we can chat details.

If you have any questions or queries please call TASH on 0451438801