Class Types

At GETT Fitness we like to mix things up, so even when you attend the same class types you will be met with a variety of different exercises and experiences! Our sessions are designed to be fun and enjoyable whilst still giving you a great overall workout. Our programs are adaptable to suit all ages and fitness levels, so you are welcome to attend any session available on the timetable.

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This 45min H.I.I.T Session will definitely be a challenge for all fitness levels & abilities. Using a variety of equipment based & body weight exercises. High Intensity Interval Training is when you alternate between high and low intensity exercise(s) or between high intensity exercise and short periods of rest. As with all our group fitness classes, modifications will be made for those that require it.
Please note: “high intensity” means “high intensity for YOUR level of fitness!


This fantastic cardio session is designed to get the heart pumping! It’s not all about running, there are many other ways to increase your cardio fitness! With variations of circuit training, interval training, H.I.I.T, buddy exercises, distance running and more, this session will burn calories while improving your cardio fitness and endurance. This class is suitable for the walkers through to the seasoned runners. Give it a try and ‘GETT Fit’ today.

GETT Toned

The ultimate body toning and conditioning workout. Classes are programmed to tone, strengthen & sculpt the entire body through the use of various strength & stability pieces of equipment, as well as a variety of challenging body weight movements guaranteed to make your muscles fire up. So if you want to FEEL & LOOK STRONG this class is for you. Start today & ‘GETT Toned’.

GETT Kicked

This is an awesome cross-training session providing a combination of strength & cardio training using kick shields & focus mits. It’s fun, social, interactive & a fantastic stress relief. You will be punching, kicking, kneeing, pressing, pushing your way to a fitter, stronger, fantastic NEW YOU. So go on, come see what you’re capable of & feel the burn from this great cross training session. By the end you will be smiling & pumped for the next opportunity to ‘GETT Kicked’.


Want to mix things up, explore the beautiful outdoor settings Toowoomba has to offer and get fitter at the same time? Well our GETT Out sessions are for you. They are part training session, part exploration, and may be a combination of trail running, hiking or mobile circuit style classes across beautiful and varied landscapes. A fantastic opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and to see just what you are capable of. It will leave you keen for the next chance you will have to ‘GETT Out’.
We meet at an agreed location then car pool to our chosen location which we keep secret until the day. These sessions can vary in duration (advised prior) depending on the location of our adventure.

GETT Studio Circuit

Our GETT Fitness Studio is based in Centenary Heights. We offer Small Group Circuit Sessions (10 people max), Small Group Pilates Classes (6 People max), Personal Training & 1:1 Pilates Sessions & Assessments. We also offer Private Group Training Sessions for up to 10 people. These are great if you have a group of friends that you would love to exercise with at a specific time. We utilise and array of cardio & strength equipment which will be sure to challenge you.

GETT Pilates

Want to sculpt and tone every part of your body so you look and feel great? Pilates is a low impact exercise that focuses on core stability. Exercises are performed using precision & control, isolating specific stabilising muscles, ensuring the correct muscles perform the movement. Leaning & toning the muscles, whilst improving your posture and correcting muscle imbalances. Classes are suitable for all ages and abilities. Even the fittest of the fit will get a great workout. Bookings are essential as our classes sizes are capped ensuring you receive the attention you require.

GETT Fit Toddlers (Walking – 5yrs)

Our GETT Fit Toddler sessions are designed to help parents with toddlers to GET OUT & GET ACTIVE with their little ones. The difference is… Your toddlers will Exercise with You!  So not only do you get a great workout, you set a fantastic example of getting outdoors & being active to your children & the physical & mental stimulation helps them burn off some of that endless energy. These 45minute group sessions are social, fun & interactive, utilising various exercise styles & types of equipment. We adapt & modify exercises for all fitness levels & abilities, making sure everyone gets a great workout at the same time! ** To keep things easy, our regular ‘Pricing Options’ apply & include exercising with 1 Child. Please contact us to discuss exercising with additional children. We also offer pre-paid packs if you wish to just attend the toddler classes. Ask us for more details.

GETT Around – Mobile Training Services

Please contact us to discuss this service. It is tailored according to specific requirements so relevant details and costs will vary.

GETT Working – Corporate Training

Please contact us for further information and pricing. All classes are tailored to suit specific requirements, so details and costs will vary.