Winter – 10 WEEK GETT Results Challenge WINNERS!!

21 Oct 2017

Did you suffer from the dreaded “Winter Weight Gain?”

 “Oh it’s just a few kgs” you say, “I’ll lose that in the warmer months” you plan. Unfortunately this becomes the yearly cycle and for many the ‘winter weight gain’ outweighs the ‘summer weight loss’. Year by year you gain a little, then you realise you are now 20kg’s overweight and things that used to seem easy aren’t so any more.

The reality for many is that we use the colder months as an excuse to hibernate, skip exercising and consume more energy than our bodies require. What better way to break this cycle and stop the dreaded Winter Weight Gain, then partaking in our Winter GETT Results Challenge.

A MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to our Members that completed the 10 WEEK GETT Results Challenge which started in July & ran through the winter months. You are now fitter, faster, stronger AND lighter before Summer has even started. After all we all know that Summer Bodies are made in Winter right?

Before we CONGRATULATE the WINNERS we want to give a shout out to our members with the BIGGEST/BEST Improvements in each strength & fitness testing area.

60 Sec Plank Challenge

Terri improved by 59sec and Anna improved by 47sec

60 Sec Weight Squats

Claire increased her overall (Time Under Tension) by 549kgs and Anna by 220kgs

60 Sec Push Ups

Terri improved her Push Ups by a whopping 138%

20m SHUTTLE RUNS (90sec)

Anna smashed her initial testing by 5laps and Mel by 2laps

60 Sec Sit Ups

Claire improved by 31% during the Teagan by 14%

2.4km Run

Paula beat her starting time by 30sec and Tania 28sec. Pretty good for 2 ladies that hated running when they started.



Being fit & healthy isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about creating a lifestyle change. At GETT Fitness this is really important & we like to reward these positive changes. Points are awarded for things such as attendance at sessions, improvements in fitness evaluations, participation in team events & much more.
Highest points = Winner


Paula with 1555points.

Paula participated in 2 big events during the challenge. She did the 3hr Mojo Come & Try Raid and also a 11.5km Trail Run at Hiddenvale. Both events were a first for Paula & she did a fantastic job and had fun! And not only did Paula attend 4 – 6 Group Sessions each week, she also regularly did 1 or 2 Personal Training Sessions as well. Keep an eye out for our ‘Celebrating Our Members’ article coming soon with Paula’s health & fitness journey with us thus far. Fantastic work Paula!!


1hr Massage Voucher (A much deserved reward for all her hard work)

5 x 45min Personal Training Sessions (An additional stepping stone towards her goals)

Clothing Voucher (To get some new training gear to show off her changes)

2nd Anna with 879 points

Anna competed in the Stadium Stomp in Brisbane during the challenge and had strong improvements in all her strength and fitness testing. And even though Anna is frequently away for work, she still maintained consistent attendance at classes during the challenge. Well Done Anna!!

3rd Teagan with 878 points

Teagan had good improvements in all testing areas and has made exercise a part of everyday life.  If Teagan wasn’t at sessions she would be out running or walking and even taking herself up Table Top mountain on a regular basis. Great work Teagan!!

4th Mel with 735points

Yet again Mel had strong improvements in all testing areas. Mel has been training with us for about 2.5years now and is definitely one to be reckoned with at sessions. She already started the challenge FIT & STRONG, setting very high benchmarks for herself to beat. Mel regularly smashes it at training, never backing down from a challenge and inspiring many members to do the same along the way. Thanks Mel!!


Losing weight during the Winter months can definitely be challenging as mentioned abouve. For many just maintaining their current weight is a big enough challenge. At GETT Fitness we don’t just focus on the number on the scales. We believe it’s far more important to lose body fat and gain muscle rather than just lose overall ‘weight’.



With a fantastic 9.09% reduction of Body Fat and a 2.9kg gain 0f lean Muscle.

Kim’s life involves some of the big factors that many people use as excuses not to exercise or be healthy. He’s a husband, a dad of 3 and also a shift worker including night shifts. By making little changes to his eating habits along the way and also making sure he got his butt to training each week, and accepting every physical challenge we set him, he has made fantastic progress. Keep it going Kim!!


1hr Massage Voucher (a little reward for those well worked muscles)

5 x 45min Personal Training Sessions (An extra helping hand to continue his Health & Fitness Journey)

Clothing Voucher (To get some new training gear to show off his changes)

2nd Terri D.

With a fantastic 8.18% reduction of Body Fat and 2.8kg gain of lean muscle

It’s been fantastic to watch Terri’s progress since starting training with GETT Fitness & throughout this challenge. Her self confidence & abilities grow every week and seeing her sense of achievement when she achieves physical challenges she never thought possible is amazing. Terri has been smashing her personal strength & fitness bench marks every testing by working hard at every session. Great work Terri. It’s a pleasure having you train with us.

3rd Teagan

With a 6.35% reduction of Body Fat

In addition to Teagan changing her lifestyle and making exercise an essential part of her life she now also understands and implements healthy eating habits each and every day. Her new lifestyle choices around exercise and food have definitely made a big difference in Teagan’s life. If it’s important you will find away and Teagan always does.

4th Neha

With 4.16% reduction of Body Fat

Since starting training with us Neha has progressed in leaps and bounds and has settled into our GETT Fitness family well. Neha started our challenge with gusto and set her mind to smashing it, pushing her limits each session and taking on each physical challenge we set her. She was our ½ Way Testing Winner and was on track to possibly take out the challenge. Unfortunately due to health reasons towards the end Neha wasn’t able to train as hard and couldn’t fully complete the final testing. So a fantastic effort Neha to still come 4th and do the best you could. Looking forward to helping you continue your journey.

We are super proud of GETT Fit Family members that put in extra effort required to continue training through the cooler months. You guys are AWESOME dragging yourself out of bed when it’s sometimes cold & dark because your health & fitness is important.

If you want to become part of our AWESOME GETT Fit Family, give us a call on 0451 438 801 to organise your 1 WEEK FREE Trial or Click HERE to get started!!