Mum’s & Bub’s Exercise Classes benefit your entire family!

29 Apr 2021


As a parent or new Mumma, we ALWAYS put the needs & best interests of our little ones ahead of our own. Things like swimming lessons, music classes, reading groups, playgroups, kindagym …. the list of activities that we now feel pressured to take our child to really is endless.
So, what if you could do something great for your little ones AND something for YOURSELF (Which in turn helps your entire family) The ‘happy wife, happy life’ saying needs a ‘Happy Mummy, Happy Family’ version, because it’s so very true.


At Pre & Post Natal Training with GETT Fitness, my aim is to create a safe, nurturing & supportive environment for all mum’s or mum’s to be and your little ones. A space to safely nurture & strengthen your body on its pregnancy or post natal fitness journey. But in a group fitness class setting. So you’re exercising with like minded mummas. Under the guidance of a qualified & experienced Pre & Post Natal Trainer who’s a mum as well and really does understand the physical and mental aspects of motherhood.
Why it’s great for your little ones?
1. They get to socialise with other babies & kids.
2. Bub is exposed to various sounds, movements & stimulation which helps with development.
3. Bubs are often incorporated into the exercises 😊 as the functional / real life weights, but to them it’s often a game & great fun with mum.
4. They get to be with you while you exercise. This can really help with the mum guilt of leaving them in a creche. But, you are absolutely welcome to come do classes without bubs as well & have some YOU time!
5. They get to see you exercise. This sets a fantastic example that exercise & movement is important. (New research shows real influence of parents on physical activity.)
6. They get to join in & learn some cool exercises practicing their gross motor skills in varying circumstances.
AND for you MUMMAS….
1. We can help reconnect & strengthen your pelvic floor & deep core muscles in a safe, educated environment. And work with specific modifications to enable group participation if you have a pelvic organ dysfunction or birth injury**
2. It can help relieve some of the stresses & frustration that can come with motherhood.
3. We can help train you body to cope with the postures of feeding, getting up and down with your baby, lifting baby & baby related items in, on & out of things.
4. Then as your baby gets heavier, older & more active, we can help train your body for your days that involve lifting, pushing, pulling, & carrying items with a baby or toddler on your hip, most likely in awkward positions.
4. It can help boost your energy.
5. Exercise can help with depression & anxiety
(**If you have a Pelvic Organ Dysfunction or birth injury an Initial Assessment is Required prior to joining a class unless you are under the guidance of a Women’s Health Physio who I can confer with ensuring your best standard of care)
The Mum’s & Bub’s Classes at Pre & Post Natal training with GETT Fitness are fun, social, interactive & let’s be honest, sometimes chaotic with little ones around. Even so, you will get a great workout in a supportive environment with like minded mumma’s or mumma’s to be.
AND sometimes, we just celebrate that you made it to class, and focus more on recovery & release then making any gains or losses 🙂
I look forward to helping you with you return to fitness journey.