How Pilates Changed My Life

19 Feb 2018

How Pilates Changed My Life

I have always lived very active lifestyle even from a young age, my mum tells me I ran before I walked. Now, not only did I grow up on a farm riding horses, 4 wheelers, riding in utes, where every day involved some form of climbing, lifting, pushing, pulling and where the motto was “if you fall off, get straight back on” (literally), but I was and still am very accident prone as well. Now, I also participated in many different forms of sports such as Hockey, Netball, Touch Football, Tennis, Athletics & more. More recently participating in more adventure based sports such as mountain biking, trail running & adventure racing. So this upbringing coupled with my competitive nature & willingness to give everything a go, has led to me sustaining many injuries throughout my life to date.

Now I’m not listing these for sympathy or praise, but to merely paint a picture of what I have put my body through (so far). For some of these I did all the right things, saw physio’s, did the required rehab and some I didn’t, especially when I was younger and we didn’t really know any better.

So let’s start from the ground and work up:

I have torn ligaments in my ankle & knee, have had muscle damage to my thigh from a horse bite, have torn the cartilage in my hip & had surgery for it, strained hamstrings, I have had stress fractures in my lower back, nerve compression’s in my neck, fractured my shoulder & wrist and endless bruises and stitches (again so far)

After an accident overseas in which I sustained serious injuries (including fracturing my dominant shoulder) my life and career path had to take a different direction, and thus began my career working behind a desk, answering phones, sitting in front of a computer for a large part of my day. Luckily, this was within a fantastic Sports Medicine Clinic in Brisbane, working alongside amazing physiotherapists, podiatrists, surgeons, massage therapists & many more health professionals. With their help, my own determination & hard work I got back to doing everything I was doing prior to my accident which was fantastic considering my surgeon said it was unlikely I would ever be able to lift my right arm above shoulder height.  I spent over 10 years working with these fantastic health professionals in many different roles, and over those years I also sustained many other injuries as well (remember what I said, enthusiast and clumsy) and had them treated as required, gaining invaluable experience in the rehab processes of many injuries.

So there I was, in my 20’s having had numerous injuries, sitting in front of a computer day in day out, still living a very active lifestyle playing numerous team sports, riding horses, gardening, running etc, but I was constantly in pain. Suffering from headaches, back ache, shoulder problems, you name it I’m pretty sure I had it. I was taking pain killers daily, using heat packs, getting treatments & massages all the time just to get by.

Now I must admit, I originally stumbled upon Pilates as a means to progress my career within the company I was in. I had put my heart and soul into helping build the company up, but its guidelines for partnership stated you had to be a practitioner. So, I researched Pilates and started participating in a variety of Pilates classes at various gyms and studios, trying many different places that taught various Pilates methods. (No, not all Pilates methods are the same) Most of these methods just didn’t make sense to me, the breathing techniques didn’t feel right, I really wasn’t feeling any of the ‘benefits of Pilates’ that all my research promised would happen and if anything I found I often made some of my aches/pains/injuries worse. So I was about to give up on Pilates all together. Then I stumbled across a technique which was designed by a physiotherapist but it also incorporated all the traditional Pilates exercises whilst using the latest research on core stability.

So after a few weeks of regular participation in these Pilates classes I started noticing the difference it was making to my many ailments. My body was starting to feel like my own again. I felt stronger, more confident, there was less pain therefore less pain killers & manual treatments. Pilates was starting to change my life one class at a time.

So after a few weeks, I decided this PILATES was AMAZING and Studio Pilates International was the Pilates Method I wanted to become an instructor in! Not only did it just make sense to me, especially as it had a strong rehabilitation component to the exercises, but I always felt fantastic after every class.  So I signed up for the Matwork Instructor Course in 2010. This was a 4 day very practical course which at this stage was taught by the physiotherapist who developed the program.

So, by now I guess you’re wondering where the ‘life changing’ part comes in right?! Well, as you can imagine, after four days straight of learning, practicing, and teaching over 100 Pilates exercises & stretches I was pretty damn sore.  But, the thing that was amazing was that I was muscularly sore but I was actually PAIN FREE!! Headaches – gone. Shoulder pain – gone. Low back pain – gone!!! I honestly couldn’t remember ever feeling this good. My body felt strong and aligned, I felt completely energised and empowered. And now I had the skills, ability & passion to help change other people’s lives as well. Now I’m not saying Pilates was a miracle cure, from that weekend on Pilates became and still is a regular part of my personal exercise regime. Keeping my many underlying injuries at bay & helping with the new ones that arise.

So I became a Pilates Matwork Instructor and over the past 8 years have practiced in various settings and locations. I have been conducting Small Group Pilates Classes within my own company GETT Fitness in Toowoomba since September 2015 and I’m loving every minute of it. Since 2010 I have also completed additional Advanced Pilates Matwork Courses which incorporates the use of fitballs, bands & pilates rings & also a Pregnancy Pilates Course. This gives me a fantastic array of exercises to challenge even the most seasoned pilates goer.

My Small Group Pilates Classes are held at various locations in South Toowoomba and are always capped at 15 people, ensuring every class member gets the attention they require to perform each and every exercise the way it should be performed. After all Pilates is about precision, control & isolating specific stabilising muscles ensuring the correct muscles are performing the desired movements. Through many years of experience I have found by having smaller classes I can personalise/modify exercises & also apply my rehab knowledge within the class setting for my members that require it. So there’s no hiding at the back in my classes, I will be walking around every class making sure you & everyone else is performing the exercises correctly and receiving the many benefits Pilates has to offer.

I am proud to share my knowledge as both a Pilates instructor and Personal Trainer and I’m truly passionate about helping my members to improve their health, well being and overall quality of life. So if you’re a seasoned pilates goer, a complete newbie or somewhere in between, our Small Group Pilates Classes at GETT Fitness are absolutely for you. If classes aren’t your thing? Then I also conduct Private Assessments & 1:1 Sessions either at my studio in Centenary Heights or I can come to the comfort of your own home.

Still unsure if Pilates is right for you, then give me (TASH) a call on 0451438801 and we can have a chat to work out the best solution for you. Details and prices can be found HERE.

Here’s what a few of my members have had to say:

“Pilates has become a favourite as I see so many benefits – it helps with all other training by focusing on specific muscles and also helps with my posture”

“I have finally found a Pilates instructor in Toowoomba that is knowledgeable and passionate about their training ….. As a mature mother who carries a few sporting injuries, Tash has the ability to encourage and adapt movement to suit the individual….I highly recommend Tash to anybody wanting to try or advance their Pilates”

“A friend at work recommended Gett Fitness and I haven’t looked back since joining. I have discovered Pilates and I’m loving it!”

“I have been doing one-on-one PILATES sessions with Tash for just over a month now and not only do I feel stronger in my core but I’ve started noticing my body change too. Tash is so passionate for what she does and it comes across in the way she approaches my one-on-one sessions! Thank you Tash”

“I thought I didn’t really like Pilates but now can’t get enough! Give it a go”