February 7 WEEK GETT Results Challenge WINNERS

29 Mar 2018


A MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to our Members that completed the 7 WEEK GETT Results Challenge which started in February this year. You are now stronger, fitter, faster AND lighter.

Before we CONGRATULATE the WINNERS we want to give a shout out to our members with the BIGGEST/BEST Improvements in each strength & fitness testing area.

60 Sec Plank Challenge

Gill improved by 73sec in this test, but could have easily pushed on as she currently holds the planking record of 5min 12 sec in our 50+ years category on our honour wall.

60 Sec Weight Squats

Jodi increased her overall (Time Under Tension) by 208kgs and Louise by 176kgs

60 Sec Push Ups

Louise improved her Push Ups by a whopping 59% and can now do full pushups.

20m SHUTTLE RUNS (90sec)

Louise smashed her initial testing by 5laps and Mel by 2laps

60 Sec Sit Ups

Mel improved by 29% during the challenge. Going from 34 to 44 Sit Ups.

2.4km Run

Louise beat her starting time by 55sec during the challenge. A fantastic improvement.



Being fit & healthy isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about creating a lifestyle change. At GETT Fitness this is really important & we like to reward these positive changes. Points are awarded for things such as attendance at sessions, improvements in fitness evaluations, participation in team events, getting out and doing additional activities & much more.


LOUISE with 1136 points!!

Louise really stepped it up during the challenge with the biggest improvements in 4 out of the 6 testing areas. She pushed herself every session, lifting heavier, running faster & taking on any challenge put to her. Louise also stepped outside of her usual routine of classes, making sure her body was challenged in different ways for her at different times. So a good exercise regime and also taking on our suggestions & advice on dietary changes Louise got fantastic results. AND she resisted the temptations of the many delights of ‘shared food’ in her work staff room for all sorts of celebrations. From the photos you shared your resolve was strong! Not to mention Louise lost 3.8kg’s & 4.8% Body fat during the 7 Week Challenge. WELL DONE LOUISE


1hr Massage Voucher (A much deserved reward for all her hard work)

5 x 45min Personal Training Sessions (An additional stepping stone towards her continued goals)

GETT Fitness Clothing Voucher (To get some new training gear to show off her changes)

2nd Gill with 1134.20 points

As you can see this was a close race for 2nd! Gill competed in 2 events during the challenge. Taking on the 15km Hike at the Milne Bay Military Challenge hiking the hills of Jubilee & Redwood Parks & beating her hike time from last year by nearly an hour. Then put herself out of her comfort zone by doing the 4km Peak to Park. Gill’s dedication and consistency every week helped her get strong improvements in all her testing areas after already starting the challenge FIT & STRONG, setting very high benchmarks for herself to beat.

3rd Paula with 941 points

Yet again Paula has placed in our GETT Results Challenge. Her dedication & commitment to her health & fitness has been fantastic. Paula competed in 1 Trail Run during this challenge, as well as a golf day & also doing additional walks & mountain biking on a regular bases. Paul has been training with us for about 18mths now and is definitely one to be reckoned with at sessions. She already started the challenge FIT & STRONG. Paula smashes it at every training sessions as well as a Personal Training Session each week. She is an inspiration to many of our members.


At GETT Fitness we don’t just focus on the number on the scales. We believe it’s far more important to lose body fat and gain muscle rather than just lose overall ‘weight’.  So our members focus on getting fitter, faster & stronger whilst eating well & making healthy lifestyle choices. Do this… AND the results speak for themselves.


GILL C. (Age 50+)

With a fantastic 7.52% reduction of Body Fat and a 2.05% Weight Loss.

Pretty damn impressive for one of our more mature members 🙂 An absolute inspiration yet again. Gill started this challenge already in the healthy ranges for her weight & body fat, however she had a personal weight goal to achieve which was still healthy and achievable. Through her dedication to sessions as well incorporating her own additional training & making healthy food choices Gill has achieved great results and taken out the challenge. CONGRATULATIONS Gill.


1hr Massage Voucher (a little reward for those well worked muscles)

5 x 45min Personal Training Sessions (An extra helping hand to continue his Health & Fitness Journey)

Clothing Voucher (To get some new training gear to show off his changes)

2nd Mel Y.

With a fantastic 10.7% reduction of Body Fat and 3kg gain of lean muscle.

This is the perfect example of it not just being about the number on the scales. Mel actually gained overall body weight during the challenge, but as mentioned above, this gain was lean muscle. It’s been fantastic to watch Mel’s progress since starting training with GETT Fitness. When Mel started with us, she had previously had trouble maintaining a regular exercise regime. Well that was over 3years ago now, and Mel makes exercise with us an important part of her week. Then put the word ‘challenge’ out there and Mel’s in. Never one to back down, always one to push hard & inspire others to do the same. FANTASTIC WORK MEL

3rd Louise

With a 4.8% reduction of Body Fat and a 4.6% Weight Loss.

Being the Winner of the Rewards Challenge, it’s no surprise that Louise has also done very well in the Weight Loss component as well. Louise committed to the challenge not only by making exercise an essential part of her lifestyle, but also understanding and implementing healthy eating habits each and every day as mentioned above. Her new lifestyle choices around exercise and food have definitely made a big difference for Louise. GREAT WORK Louise.

*Special Mentions*

I want to give a special mention to Jodi who didn’t complete all aspects of the challenge therefore wasn’t eligible for the prizes BUT she did absolutely SMASH aspects of the challenge. Jodi had a massive 11.42% reduction of Body Fat, gained 2kg of muscle AND got her weight below a goal number for the first time in many years. What a fantastic effort Jodi.

**Tania – With a 1.5%% reduction of Body Fat and a 3.79% Weight Loss. Tania is super happy with her results & is feeling fitter, faster and stronger. ” I felt like a winner – not because of some of my improvements but over the 7 week challenge I’ve lost weight and i feel so much better. It is my best weight in close to 15 months and I feel like I can maintain this and keep going. One day i’ll conquer that run”

**Teagan – With a 4.95% reduction of Body Fat and a 2.14% Weight Loss. Teagan is super happy to be fitting into ‘that pair of shorts’ that she’s had for a few years but could never fit into. And is constantly setting new goals to achieve.

We are super proud of GETT Fit Family members that put in extra effort required to GETT Results. You guys are AWESOME & inspirational.

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