Mum’s & Bub’s Pilates (Babylates) Classes in Toowoomba

28 Jul 2020

Babylates is my Specialised Pilates Classes for the Mum’s & Bub’s of Toowoomba from 6 weeks post birth.

These personalised classes use an array of Pilates exercises/stretches/muscle releases & equipment with specific programming for the postnatal months to help your body regain pelvic floor activation & deeper abdominal strength in a safe and effective way. Giving you tools, tips and strength & to then progress safely into more functional fitness. I work closely with your Women’s Health Physio & other health practitioners to ensure continuity of care for the best outcome for you.

Before you get started, I get an in depth history of your pregnancy/pregnancies & births. This information can & does play an important part in programming exercises during classes to accommodate your specific needs. Part of this history may involve correspondence with your Women’s Health Physio or other practitioners with your consent.

In these classes we also focus on the postural changes that may have occurred during pregnancy & also post birth as your body adapts to the many challenges of motherhood. Some muscles can be overworked and get very tight creating many aches & pains whilst other muscles might not quite be doing their job & need a little bit or re training.

Classes are kept to small numbers to ensure exercises are modified to your own ability & stage of recovery after birth. Bub’s are absolutely welcome and will be incorporated into some of the exercises as well or exercises will be modified for you if bub isn’t content doing what we’re doing.

And for all you wonderful Mumma’s that might be a little hesitant to come as you’re not sure how your little one will go….. We’re all mum’s in these classes & understand that our little bundles of joy dance to their own beat when it suites them. There will be classes when your bub is the angel child & very content, or maybe the hungry bubba that REALLY wants a feed right now, or perhaps the bub that decided it was time to poop as you walked in the door 🙂

*BOOKINGS are ESSENTIAL as class sizes are capped to ensure you get the individual attention you & your baby require.

*A letter of clearance to exercise will be required if your youngest child is under 12mths old. This can be from your OBGYN, GP or Women’s Health Physio.

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or to sign up for my WEEK Free Trial, click on the link below.