Exercise During Pregnancy – Pregnancy Pilates (Part 1)

04 Jun 2019

Exercise During Pregnancy –

Pregnancy Pilates

*PLEASE consult with your GP, Obstetrician or Health Professional before commencing any form of exercise whilst pregnant*

The reality is that Pregnancy & Labour will be one of the most physically challenging events in a woman’s life. As with any physical event, if we train & prepare the body for it, then ‘the event’ is usually more manageable AND your recovery is usually better. Would you go run a full marathon (42kms) without any training? Sure, it’s definitely doable, but with the correct training & preparation the entire experience can be improved!

During pregnancy there are many physical changes our bodies will naturally go through as our babies grow & our body adapts. To accommodate these changes, our posture will naturally change. These postural changes can, and do, have a big impact on everyday life. Some muscles stretch & weight distribution changes whilst other muscles tighten or separate. All of which can create many aches & pains & can also make your birthing & recovery more challenging.

Exercising is very important during pregnancy and Pregnancy Pilates is one of the safest and most effective forms during this time both for you and your baby. However, certain pregnancy guidelines need to be followed and exercises performed should be prescribed specifically for the relevant stages of pregnancy by a qualified practitioner. With careful exercise selection & modifications for different stages of pregnancy & ability, Pregnancy Pilates is a great way to help your body adapt and ease into the postural changes that are certain to occur. Fitness training whilst pregnant should be conducted by a fully trained & certified Pre/Post Natal Trainer in the field in which you are interested in training, albeit general fitness, pilates, yoga etc.  Just being a mum doesn’t qualify a trainer as being Pre/Post Natally Certified. It’s an additional qualification with much more in depth knowledge & training in this particular area. Let’s be honest, there’s A LOT going on during Pregnancy & Postpartum & there’s many movements & exercises that can cause long term damage.

So don’t be afraid to ask your trainer regarding their qualifications & experience. (** If they’re not qualified, they may not be insured if anything goes wrong)

As previously mentioned, exercise selection during pregnancy is very important, as some exercises & positions can increase the chances of pregnancy complications & conditions. Some of these being Carpal Tunnel, Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Separation)**, Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) also known as Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP), SIJ Pain, Pelvic Floor Problems (now & in the future), back pain & other posture related aches & pains. More serious medical complications may also occur. With correct exercise selection & stretches, specific to each pregnancy, you can train your body to be as fit & strong as possible during your pregnancy. Now here’s the real kicker! Every pregnancy is different & how your body responds to it with regards to exercise is different for everyone & possibly each pregnancy as well. Which is why exercise during pregnancy can’t be a ‘one size fits all approach’. Whilst there are exercise guidelines for pregnancy (Click here to view 2019 Canadian guidelines) & (HERE to view RANZCOG Guidelines), these are exactly that, guidelines. Please listen to your body & talk to your trainer if something doesn’t feel quite right, now is not the time to ‘push through it’.

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**Here is a fantastic article on Diastasis Recti: