19 Feb 2018

I joined Gett Fitness about 3 years ago with the goal of attending exercise classes regularly. My only goal was to attend consistently – to commit to a regular exercise program and benefit from the psychological and physical benefits of regular physical activity. I was an unfit and slightly overweight 54 year old. Three years later I have well and truly surpassed my original goal! I am committed to a weekly combination of strength, cardio and pilates classes with a group of fabulous people and have achieved a level of strength, flexibility, fitness and wellness surpassing that of any previous period of my life.

Tash and Jake are knowledgeable, energetic and authentic individuals who are and 100% committed to enabling their clients achieve their wellness goals. I have worked with personal trainers in Toowoomba and Melbourne over many years and Tash and Jake are the best I have come across. I recommend them without reservation – I have seen them work successfully with clients of all ages and levels of ability. They adapt to the needs of individual clients particularly those carrying injuries. If change is what you are seeking, Tash and Jake are the trainers to support, motivate and educate you to achieve it.