Celebrating Our Members – Paula

05 Feb 2018


Name: Paula          Age: 48          Occupation: Logistics Officer

Hobbies: Horse Riding, Walking , Spending time with Family and friends  and thanks to Tash & Jake now I have had a taste Mountain Bike Riding!

When did you start training with GETT Fitness? July 2016

What made you decide to train with GETT Fitness? I had seen the classes in the park and liked the idea of training in the outdoors.

What is your favourite GETT Fitness session? And why? That’s a hard question as I really do love all the sessions – even GETT Fit which I never thought I would or could be capable of doing!  If I had to pick I would say that it is between Pilates and also my Personal Training sessions.  Pilates has become a favourite as I see so many benefits – it helps with all other training by focusing on specific muscles and also helps with my posture.  I absolutely love my PT sessions as it is that one on one training that allows Tash to really push me to achieve what she knows I’m capable of !

How many sessions do you attend each week? 5-6 sessions & 1 PT Session

Do you do any other form of exercise? I walk my dogs every morning for at least 45 minutes.  Since being with GETT Fitness I have also added running to our walks which they love as they think it’s a great game to go faster. And also mountain bike riding with my daughter.

Since starting with GETT Fitness, has exercise become a regular part of your daily routine? Absolutely.

Did you have a specific goal you wished to achieve before starting? One of my main goals was weight specific.

Have you achieved this goal?  YES…. but it’s now so much more than just losing weight.  It’s about setting new goals all the time and making fitness a lifestyle.

What has been you biggest challenge in making exercise a regular part of daily life? Life is always busy so probably time has been the biggest challenge as well as a few niggly injuries along the way, which Tash & Jake modify for.

Have you encountered any difficulties /obstacles that have made it hard to continue training? If so, what did GETT Fitness do to help you overcome these? I have had a foot injury and Tash adjusts my training by modifying exercises for me to be able to continue to be challenged but also being aware of not making the injury worse.

Did you have any injuries/ailments when you first started training? Have they got better? Yes I had knee and back issues – now I rarely have any issues.

Are there any factors that make it difficult for you to attend training? Not any more as it is so important to me that it is a priority in my life.

What do you think has been your greatest improvement since starting training? My greatest improvement would be my mindset – believing in my body to be able to do things I never thought possible – like running,  I’ve done a few trail runs and love it

Why do you exercise? I exercise because I love it – it makes feel strong and fit.  It’s also important at my age for my long term health as I get older. Also the social side of the classes is so much fun and we  always have a laugh along the way.  And they say laughter is the best medicine!

Why should someone come train with GETT Fitness? There are so many reasons and I always recommend them. GETT Fitness has helped me achieve so much and I see the long term health benefits. As I said earlier one of the first initial reasons I joined was the outdoor classes – it is fantastic to be able to train at the park and enjoy the fresh air while training.

Have you recommended us to any of your friends/family or work colleagues? Yes I recommend you guys to everyone.

Is there anything else you would like everyone reading this to know: I would like to say a big thank you to Tash and Jake for helping me achieve my goals and for making exercise a lifestyle choice that is so enjoyable 🙂

Since starting with GETT Fitness Paula has definitely overcome many obstacles and made many permanent lifestyle changes. By making health & fitness an important and regular part of her everyday life, lots of hard work & dedication, Paula is continuously kicking goals!! Not to mention she has WON the last 3 ‘Rewards’ Component of our GETT Results Challenges.
Paula has well and truly become a permanent GETT Fitness Family Member and brings so much determination, enthusiasm, laughter & inspiration to our entire group. Thanks Paula.

We are looking forward to helping you achieve many more goals in the future.